Monday, August 10, 2015

I'm being adopted!!! :D‏

Hey hey!
Big news! I'm being adopted!  We received transfer news this Saturday and I'm being moved to Flora Vista/Aztec!  Funny story:  I found out just the other day that it's Flora Vista and not Florida Vista.  I've been saying and hearing it wrong my entire mission.  Oops.  But that means that I have a new address!! So send all mail over to P.O. Box 719 Flora Vista, NM 87415!!!
Transfers were super unexpected.  We knew Sister Campbell would be leaving us, but we thought Sister Jessee and I would at least stay and *maybe* split the area with Elders.  But nope!  We're switching the entire area over to Elders and it's been a crazy 2 days as we try to get all the needed paperwork done and clean the house and such.  I'm the one in charge of cleaning the house because I barely know anyone here.  The house is spotless.  I should be named as a professional oven cleaner.  Just put that one on the resume ;)
But our week before transfer news has been awesome! We had a puppy follow us home Friday!  And we by no means named it our pet, since that is against mission rules, but she was definitely adorable beyond belief.  And she stayed at our trailer for most of the day, but we found her a good home by the end of the day!  She's just so dang cute!  I've sent over pictures and you can feel free to agree with me.  It was quite hilarious to watch Sister Jessee have an inner conflict with loving the dog and knowing that she shouldn't because mission rules.  I just laughed at her all day :)
This week really has been a laughing week.  All my notes are things that have made me smile.  So, other funny stories!  - We were teaching the Kee family this week and I watched as 9 year old Jace discovered his bottom lashes.  It was the funniest thing of my life.  He'd close his eyes, use one finger to lift up his top lashes, and then feel his bottom lashes.  Then he turned to his older sister and whispered "Did you know that you have lashes on the bottom of your eye????"  
And we got a wine bottle!!  Haha, Sister Jessee and Sister Campbell were so excited to hold a wine bottle.  We had taught Ludene the word of wisdom, and to help her out we took a few items from her including tea and wine.  And for the record, wine is illegal here on the reservation, so we had something against the word of wisdom and against the law in our trailer for a while... it was a little sketchy.  But while taking pictures with said wine bottle, my companions were laughing at me.  I quote "Look at her!  She's so Disney!"  I guess me posing with a wine bottle looked like something from a Disney movie.  I don't entirely understand, but I'll roll with it :) I like Disney things at least.

Speaking of Disney!  We taught a family, the Jims, and they have a son that looks JUST like DJ from the movie Cars!!!! That's the little car that works at the tire shop and doesn't say anything.  It was hilarious looking at this kid!  I don't think he appreciates the similarities as much as the rest of the world appreciates it.
And also, update on Ludene, she finished the Book of Mormon!!!!! She read in in about 4 weeks and understands it better than anyone I know!  It's definitely my miracle of the week.  She's incredible beyond belief, and I have permission to come back for her baptism!  I'm SO excited!! :D
And finally, I gave a talk this last sunday.  It went super well actually!  I was able to talk for 15-20 minutes on service and give a little farewell to Shiprock.  I'll have to write about details some other time or later today cause I'm about out of time.
But I hope everyone is doing well! Have fun getting ready for school!!!! Ha, I'm kinda really glad I don't have to deal with that right now.  But I'm sure you guys are gonna do some great things!  Keep going strong!  I love you all!!!
Becca :)

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