Monday, August 24, 2015

Carry on, Carry on, Carry on!

Hey there!

This week has been... a little insane... but we're loving our lives and are still determined to do our missionary work!  The biggest adventure was losing my wallet.  That's been a joyous experience.  You never realize just how important something is until you lose it.  The wallet contained my drivers license (and Sister Steele doesn't have driving privileges so we were a little stuck there), my personal debit card, the mission card that has my mission funds on it, my passport, my (expired, but first ever) cosmetology license, temple recommend, pictures, cosmetology membership cards to various places, cash, medical cards (I might need those sent as well now that I think of it) and.... yeah... there's a lot of things that went missing.

BUT!  The Lord is very very loving and provides miracles.  I remembered that I had renewed my drivers license right before my mission and they had given me a temporary 6-month paper license and I've been able to use that.  And the DMV people were VERY kind in letting me renew things without needing to be there in person.  That was a miracle in itself as well.

Everything else in the wallet has mostly been taken care of.  I'm still able to go out and do missionary work, and that's the most important thing.

We also got to go to our investigators' wedding this past week!  It was awesome!!!!  They did it in the 7th Day Adventist church and here are our detailed minutes of our evening (as requested by our Zone Leaders)

6:30 - Selfie before the wedding
6:31 - Begin drive to Farmington
6:34 - realized we were 5 minutes away (and had intended to be there only 5-10 minutes beforehand)
6:38 - arrived
6:39 - made phone calls to kill time
6:48 - entered building
- felt awkward in red (the wedding colors)
-questioned wardrobe choices
-signed Guest Book
-ran to restroom for quick escape
6:50 - took seats
6:54 - moved seats to see bride better
7:05 - half smiled for hidden photographer
7:18  - still waiting and wondering when they were going to start
7:19 - Start! :D
7:46 - said hello to bride and groom and left.

It was a grand time :) 

But other than that, thing have been normal missionary things.  We have lots of members coming out with us, and lots of lessons to teach :)  It's just the best!  

But I hope everyone is doing well!! I'm about out of time, so I'll write more next week :)
Love ya lots!!!
Becca :)

PS photo sent in a text from Sarah
They are not having any fun at all!

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