Monday, August 31, 2015

Hurricane Aztec

Oh my goodness gracious, this week has been crazy! ... I feel like I say that every week... but it's so true! Mission life never has a normal week! I swear something is always going on.

So, first off, we had exchanges happen. So Sister Steele is Sister Training Leader (STL) over Sister Jessee and Sister Lewis, some of my favorite people ever, and Sister Jessee is STL over us so they came over to Flora Vista this week and helped work our area for a day. ...If that paragraph made any sense... In short, Sister Jessee and I got to work together again!!! And it was SO much fun! I've missed her and love her SO much! But she also has a curse about her whenever she goes on exchanges and basically none of the appointments happened that we had scheduled. But it was still great!

Then we had a training with Elder Golden from the 70 and it was AMAZING!!!!! Oh my gosh!!! SO much Spirit! SO many amazing insights! I LOVED IT! One of my favorite points that was said was that Faith=Personal righteousness. And it's so true!! I love it so so so much!  

And while we were at the training I heard an awesome story! So, while we were in Shiprock we taught these two sisters - the Keams girls. And we had tried to get them to come to seminary, but they just weren't budging. BUT! The senior missionaries came up to me at the training and told me about how she signed up for Seminary!!! And she's in the class!!!! And apparently she had the spiritual thought or something the other day and told about how the Sister missionaries came to her house and shared a message and she decided after that message to turn her life around and enroll in seminary, and be excited about church again, and it was SO great hearing about a success that happened because we shared a message!!!!! I love it :)

And then the rest of our week has been a TON of service! We had hurricane aztec happen and there were a lot of branches that fell and we had a lot of clean up to do. And I got to cut hair this week!! And they looked amazing :) Seriously, they walked into church and I didn't recognize them but immediately thought their hair looked super cute and then I realized that I had been the one to do it! I love when those moments happen :) And then we also helped some elders move apartments. So we totaled out at 23 hours of service this week. Whew! It was a fun one.

Side note - Heleman 5:12 is perfect for after a storm. Or during a storm. It's been our scripture of the week.

.... Sorry, I'm just about out of time. But I'll try to write more in my letter home! But no promises. It's looking like our day is **packed!!!!**

But I love you all so much!!!! I hope you're doing well!!!!!
Becca :)

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  1. hello, my name is Hailey, or previously, Sister Bowler-
    thank you so much for sending me becca's letters!!! It is so nice to be able to keep up with her and her adventures on her mission. Especially since she is in the area that I used to serve in and treasure so much. I'm grateful that she gets to take care of my family there. I adore Becca. She is an absolute sweetheart and I consider her to be a dear friend even though we only got to be around one another for 7 weeks, I know that she is already an amazing missionary. she really knows how to love people and that is a very special quality. she wanted me to send you a couple photos that I had sent to her as postcards so here they are in digital form! thanks for letting me share her with you!!!