Monday, October 17, 2016

Subject: Another week of mission life :)

This week has been a good one. Not as crazy as last week, but still pretty great. Our companionship is back to just me and Sister Ledford. It's so weird not having Sister Brown with us :( Our trio had felt so natural and like we had been together forever. But Sister Ledford and I are loving being together still! And we're excited about our new calling as STL Leads. This week has been interesting as we've been trying to figure out what exactly we're expected to do... A lot of our work is phone work as we call not only the Sisters we serve in our normal STL calling, but now also all of the actual STL's. We're finding out when everyone's exchanges are happening... and soon we'll be calling and giving trainings over the phone... then we'll be following up on exchanges... and we'll be trying to keep in contact with them just to be able to keep up a relationship... We're definitely trying to stay on our toes!

Adventures of the week:

I lost my Tiwi card :( We have a little car monitor thingie called Tiwi that's connected to the truck and it tells you if you're speeding or if you hit a bump too hard or if you're not wearing your seatbelt (never gotten that one at least!). Thing is, you have to log in every time you get into the car so it knows who's driving. Well... I lost my card the day we dropped off Sister Brown for transfers... No bueno. So, we've had to switch designated drivers in our companionship until I get a new card on Wednesday at Zone Conference. Which is really nice that I'll be able to get my new card then, because we start exchanges right after Zone Conference and I've gotta be able to drive.

We also had an adventure trying to find a digital camera for Sister Ledford when we went into Gallup on Tuesday. Walmart was out of stock, and then everywhere else didn't even sell digital cameras! I was shocked. But then someone made the connection that everyone has phones now. So, while I appreciate phones and their high tech cameras, poor missionaries are put in a pickle because of our lack of technology. But we'll be finding out when we're getting iPads on Wednesday hopefully. But, it'll probably be once I'm off the mission. Oh well.

We learned how to can! ...Kinda... We sorta helped, but not a ton. We would go in and out of the kitchen where they were canning as we were cutting fruit or whatever. We also blanched and peeled tomatoes! That was kinda gross, but really fun at the same time. The gross part was when the juices exploded on you as soon as you broke the skin. Aside from that, it was good.

Our clothes dryer is broken. And has been for the past 2 weeks... this is week #3 of drying things by hanging them all around the house. You should've seen it when we were in a trio. Clothes were **everywhere**!

We successfully got our recent convert's (Arlene) wifi working!!! You have no idea how many times we've tried to get this thing to work so she can use her gospel library app... So it was a very happy day when we succeeded! Now we'll be able to pull up Mormon Messages and general conference talks when we go over to visit her. Improved lessons - check!

Speaking of improved lessons, we've been working on visual lessons. It's actually been the best thing ever! We printed off pictures for the different levels of the priesthood, we had service/missionary work ideas on pieces of paper in a jar so the kid we were teaching would pull one out and we'd discuss it, and we made a baptism interview questions trivia game/flash cards. We've been needing to be creative and interactive with our investigator James. He's 8 and gets distracted SUPER easily. So we've been having fun with it :)

Update on Monica: She is doing SO WELL!!!!! She came to church, was there for the sacrament and stayed all 3 hours! And she knows the difference it's making in her life!!! Wow, it was just so heart warming to watch her in church this past week.

OH! And miracle!!!!!! We found a new investigator on Friday, and then we went to Monica's house and she asked if we had found any new investigators and when we told her yes she told us that she had prayed that we would! So it was an answer to her prayer!!!! Wow, power of prayer.

Oh, and all the missionaries gave talks in Sacrament meeting this past week. That was an adventure. Sister Ledford and I planned out about 15 minute talks each and then we found out the Elders were asked to speak as well last minute, so we only had about 5 minutes each... It was still really good though.

Well, I definitely know that this church is true! I'm so thankful for the peace, joy, direction, and purpose it give me. The Book of Mormon is definitely the word of God, and I love learning about my Savior Jesus Christ through it. I'm so thankful for all that He has done for me.

I love you all!!!

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