Monday, October 3, 2016

Another Week!

Hey Family and Friends!
Hope you're doing well!  Last week was a good one. We met most every one of our goals for the week, which is always super rewarding.  And then we were spiritually uplifted by going to MLC and General Conference.  So we are simply loving life right now.

Something I really liked from MLC: We need to forgive those around us.  We need to let them change, and not hold on to what someone was like in the past.  We had a situation where we really needed that insight this week, and I'm so thankful the Spirit was leading us to that conclusion.  Also, we learned about how to lovingly correct.  That was very needed as well.  Ah, MLC... I love it!

We had driven down to MLC with the Holbrook Sisters, which was a party and a half with our trio.  Every seat was full, so I was kinda thankful I'm designated driver so I didn't have to squish. Too many memories of that growing up.  I will forever prefer being the driver.  When we got to Farmington, we were hanging out in Sister Scoffield's apartment, then her companion turned to me and said I looked familiar.  She's only been out 5 weeks and I've never met her, then she clicked that she had read my mission blog.  Well... that was a weird experience.  I hope it was a good reading!

It took us forever to get out of Farmingtion after MLC.  There are errands galore to do when you get to the "big city."  But first and foremost, we had to go to Chick-Fil-a.  And it was delicious.  The closest Chick-Fil-a is no longer in Albuqerque!  We've got one near the Costa Vida in Farmington!  Dining options get better and better as the mission goes on ;)

OH! We had a bomb drop by President Adams at MLC!  Our mission is getting Ipads!!!!!! Whhhaaaa????  He said before the end of the year, so with my luck we'll get them the day I leave the mission.  Oh well, the missionaries after me can enjoy all the glory of technology.  I'll just... enjoy my paper planner and paper area book and lack of Mormon Messages and Conference talks.  It's okay.  I'm over it. Kinda.

Wednesday was amazing.  We had a lot of lessons, which was a blessing.  Busy missionary life is happy missionary life.  We even got a new investigator named Gary!  Hopefully he progresses and is ready for the gospel :)

I gave a training/role play in district meeting on Thursday.  We talked about "the inescapable conclusion."  Which is that The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints is the only church that can promise a remission of sins and returning to live with Heavenly Father.  It's an extremely bold statement, but after a lot of study and a lot of prayer, I know that it's true.  And I'll keep my testimony of it, and hope that others pray to gain a testimony of it as well.  There was actually a conference talk that talked about it this weekend.  Well, I distinctly remember the scripture saying "there is no other way nor name given under heaven whereby man can be saved..." being quoted twice in Conference.  Then the talk that talked about it... ummm... well, I can't find it in my notes at this moment, but I'll get back to you on that one.

Back to our week though, then I'll talk about conference.  Friday we had two amazing lessons to finish off our evening.  First with our new investigators Armondo and Kamaria.  We talked about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and baptism.  It was a pretty spiritual lesson, and they both accepted the invitation to be baptized.  YAY!  Now we need to keep working with them and help them understand and feel prepared.  Then we had a lesson with James, someone who will be baptized in about 2 weeks, and his mother was there.  It was so incredible that his mother was there!  Because we saw into James a little bit.  She talked about how he was genuninely excited to be baptized, even if he put on a tough guy act around us.  And he has a little bit of a problem paying attention in lessons, but then afterwards when the family goes through the lesson with him once again then he understands and retains the information.  It's amazing.  So, we're gonna stick with him and keep working with him so he can answer the baptism interview questions by himself.  We're praying for him and hoping that he'll catch on quickly.  He knows his stuff, it's just verbalizing it himself without any prompts from anyone else.

Then GENERAL CONFERENCE!  Whoa.  Loved it.  Monica came!!!!! Our recent convert that hasn't been coming to church for a while. It was glorious!!!! She made it to 3/4 sessions!  And she loved it!  I adored President Uchtdorf's talk at the beginning.  The Plan of Salvation, or Plan of Happiness, is truly from a loving Heavenly Father.  It's my favorite lesson to teach as a missionary because it brings so much hope.  I also loved how he talked about how we will retain our excitement for the gospel as we continually express gratitude.  Goodness, Uchtdorf is just my favorite speaker ever.  Every time he speaks, my mind is just blown.

Random adventures! We (or more like I) made a pie!  And cinnamon rolls. And orange rolls.  And peach fruit leather.  And homemade granola.  And other random things.  It was a week spent in the kitchen.  I'm kinda done with the kitchen for a while... actually, I'm just done with doing dishes.  Sister Ledford said it accurately when she said that dishes are like the hangover of cooking.

We also randomly put a plastic cow on the Elder's car.  That was fun.  Sister Brown had found a random cow in our closet and it's been randomly popping up in places... like on Sister Ledford's pillow, my bag, on desks... now it goes back and forth on vehicles.

We also  watered someone's garden for almost 24 hours... oops.  We forgot about it on our way in for the night, and didn't remember about it until after conference.  Those plants won't need watering for a while.  We're like house sitting for someone right now.  So, lesson learned, don't ever ask me to house sit for you.  But hey, the cat isn't dead!  And the plants shouldn't be dead... I hope.  And we saw our first ever wild taranchula.  Never want to see one again.

That's mostly all the updates I've got.  Challenge of the week - Read the testimonies of the Three and Eight witnesses as well as the Prophet Joseph Smith in the front of the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it's true.  I know there is a lot of power in a testimony.  I also know with all my heart that the Book of Mormon is true and that we draw closer to God as we read it.  Moreso than any other book.

I love you all so much!!!

ps - Transfer news is this week, and while I'm pretty sure Sister Ledford and I are staying in St. Michael's, you might want to either mail off letters and such quickly or hold off for one more week.  St. Michael's address is
 P.O. Box 203
 St Michael's, AZ 86511.
  Or you can always send things to the mission office at
 400 W Apache
 Farmington, NM 87401.


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