Monday, October 31, 2016

Another week!

Hey there! 

This week has been amazing.  First and foremost, it was ended with James' baptism, and it was so amazing!  Wow, that kid.  I haven't talked about him a ton in my emails before, but his family was baptized a little over a year ago, and my first week in St. Michael's he said he wanted to be baptized.  So we've been working with him since then.  There were some set backs, like 2 weeks ago he didn't stay all 3 hours of church, so he had to hold off 2 more weeks to meet the requirements for church attendance.  But wow.  He was so excited, it was darling.

Week Summary: We went on exchanges with Joseph City Sisters once again.  We had Zone Training.  We had a baptism on Friday.  Members came out with us on Sunday.

Funny moments - James was trying on the baptism suit and when he came out to show us how it fit, all of his clothes were still on under it.

Then as we were cleaning up the church, we found all his wet clothes everywhere in the boys bathroom.  Elder Gray was the one to find them, and Sister Ledford died from laughter when Elder Gray said that James left his "undies" on the floor.  She just couldn't believe that an elder would call underwear "undies."  I think Sister Ledford laughing at the whole thing was a lot funnier than the actual situation.

I got to do a musical number for the baptism!  ...And it was put together in less than 24 hours... Man, that was a little nerve racking.  I did the song "I Will Stand as a Witness of Christ."  I didn't have a piano player, so I downloaded the accompianment online and sang to that.  It was playing all day and all night.  Sister Ledford captured some of the moments on my camera.  In the actual performance I messed up pretty badly twice... like messed up the counting of things, thus getting behind, thus humming for a few seconds before getting back into the song.  But other than that it went well!  I think it went really well for only 24 hour notice.

The Zone Leaders thought we were total mothers yesterday (oh, and by the way, according to the second councelor here, the Elders are future stake presidents.  And while we were all chuckling at the Elders looks of shock and such, we were quickly serious and shocked as well when he turned it to us and said that we were future mothers of stake presidents.) See, we texted the Elders when we saw that their trucks were home and asked if they were eating dinner or weekly planning.  We needed someone to babysit the baptism font while it was filling up since you can't leave it unattended, but we still needed to eat a quick dinner before the baptism.  They responded with "yes" so we didn't want to interrupt so we responded with "okay."  We figured we'd figure something else out.  Well, they didn't know the whole story so they thought we were making sure they were doing something productive with their time... thus, we became the mothers of our missionary neighborhood. 

Other happenings this week - We failed at hiking Window Rock.  So we made our own trail and had our own adventures.  We're definitely making memories.  We sent pictures to President Adams and he said he only had two comments - We should be wearing Utah State Aggies shirts, and he was happy to see we were having fun.

Aaaannnddd... I totally forgot to bring in my planner, so the rest of this will be pretty scatterbrained.

We had two members come out with us on Sunday!  That was a miracle and a half!  We're trying so so so so hard to get members involved here.  If anyone has any suggestions on how to get members to like you, we'll take all the help we can get.  For some reason we're just getting major pushback from it all.  But, at least it's not with all the members.  There are definitely those that are incredible beyond belief and we love ALL of our members so much!

James was confirmed and given the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday!  It was incredible!!!! Some things I remember from the blessing - he was told he would serve a mission.  (BAAAHHH!!!! How great would that be?!?! :D) and ... yeah, that was my favorite part.  Everything else was amazing, but that was the greatest.

Oh, and then the other thing that's happened this week was I prepared for BYU by kinda sorta working out a class schedule.  This is weird beyond belief.  Normal life... bleh!  Sorry folks, but I'm really enjoying the life of a missionary.  It's a lot less worrisome. I don't have to be updated on the news, I can avoid all forms of worldly entertainment, there's no stress about normal stuff... no school... Just Heavenly Father and His work!  But it's okay.  I'll get used to normal life I guess. Ew.

Today for Halloween I Disneybounded as Mickey Mouse.  It's a party :)  But not nearly as much of a party as tonight will be!  We're staying at Farmington 8th's apartment since we have MLC tomorrow so it'll be me, Sister Ledford, and Sisters Breakall, Stringam, Nielsen, and Knapp.  Two of my trainees!  We're gonna have a blast together :)

Well, I love you all!!! Hope all is going well!!!

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