Monday, September 12, 2016

Navajo Nation Fair Week!

Wow, this week was definitely unusual in our activities, but SO much fun!!!

This week was the Navajo Nation fair. And Sister Ledford and I talked to a TON of people!!! In one day, we had 115 TTI's (Teach Testify and Invites.  Kinda like a door approach). It was amazing.  In the end, we had 216 TTI's from doing our 3 days at the fair.  And that wasn't even all of them... we forgot to count a lot of them.  So, we found a ton of success, and we loved every minute.  Kids day on Thursday was INSANE!!!!!! SO MANY KIDS!  I felt like I was in Disney World again.  But like, Disney World on New Years Eve.  Or maybe Christmas.  We were just swamped.  We'd get about one sentence out and then start talking to the next person.  It was like... missionary work on steroids.

Sad thing though, I lost my My Family booklet that I spent so much time on.  My home mailing address is in it, so I really hope whoever has it is kind enough to send it back.  Cause I put a TON of work into that thing. :(

Other adventures - the Elders dented our truck.  We only had one parking pass, so we had permission to carpool in and out of the fair for the different shifts each missionary companionship had signed up for.  We were working a long shift, so the Elders took our truck to switch with some other Elders.  I had just said "Be careful with our truck" and then 2 minutes later, some Elders come back with super sad faces and told us the news that while backing, the Elder driving turned too soon and hit the car next to us.  Their vehicle was in worse shape... but ours still dented... but I feel super bad for the other car.  We couldn't find the owner in the chaos of the fair, so .... yeah.  We left our info on their vehicle and will wait for them to contact us.

We woke up at 3:00AM on Saturday to make the Elders cinnamon rolls for their early morning adventure to the fair.  They had to be there by 5:30AM, so we felt bad for them and wanted to relieve some stress so we provided breakfast and lunch.  They were very appreciative.

Sister Ledford has been in a dancing mood lately.  And I die laughing every time.  She is such a dancer!  You can tell any time she moves.  I love it so much.  We have some pretty entertaining nights right before going to bed.

We had navajo burgers this week.  I was the only one to finish mine... bleh.  We even ate with Elders!  And they split one and didn't even finish it! I felt like a total fatty.  There's a reason I've asked my mother to send me pinterest easy healthy meal ideas haha

I also tried Deep Fried Twinkies this past week. I promise everything else I ate was healthy.  They were surprisingly pretty good... I was shocked.

UVU had a booth at the fair!  It was the weirdest thing ever to see Utah people again. I didn't expect that one for another 3 months.

I adopted a Shima Sani (grandma) for National Grandparents day!!! :D  Her name is Herma and she's the greatest.  We've only met her like 3 times, but it really already feels like we're family.  We always have the best of times with her.  I love how honest she is in everything.  Ah, she's so good!

I painted someone's nails for service this week.  So good :)  I loved it!  Cosmetology license for the win!

We also conducted Primary on Sunday.  Man, that was an adventure!  We were asked to do it as primary was starting, and told we would need to be with them until church ended... so for 2 hours.  We played a lot of games.  Huckle Buckle Beanstalk, Charades, and such. Then sang songs... then had all the kids write their testimonies in a Book of Mormon.  Cutest testimonies ever.

Miracle of the Week - Monica came to the church building for the first time in 5 weeks!!! She's a recent convert who had a slip up and felt so guilty she wouldn't come to church.  So this was a HUGE step!  She came after church to talk to the senior missionaries.  Wow, we just felt like Heavenly Father gave us the greatest blessing in all the world.

This next week will be good, we're starting Exchange Madness.  YAY! :D  I'll let you know how it goes.

I love you all!!!!

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