Monday, September 19, 2016


well... I lied... we're finishing up emailing tonight, not Wednesday.  I sure hope I'll be able to get everything in! 

Love you!!! :D

Hello! Once again :) 

I've only got a quick minute again... sorry.  But here we go, update on this week!

It started with exchanges, and I got to go to Holbrook and work with Sister Southam.  She is incredible.  Love her so much.  We got to talk to a lot of people during the day, and it looks like the work there is going well.

Oh, before that though, we got to do a random act of kindness and bag some groceries for a cashier.  Sister Ledford is a saint, as it was her idea.  I strive to be more selfless like her always.  She is just too good.

We got to chop woods for a potential investigator!  His name is Joseph.  Miracles happen as you serve, cause as we were chopping woods he opened up to us and talked about religion some.  It was amazing.  He seems like he might be genuinely interested... once you get past the teasing and sarcasm.

Then I went on exchanges with Sister Woods in Joseph City, and once again got to go there instead of stay in St. Michael's.  That was an adventure.  We got to go to a 8-year-old baptism.  And get fed every meal except breakfast.  And little miracle happened, we were walking down the street in the evening, and saw a lady doing yard work.  We offered to help, she accepted, and then throughout the conversation we found out that she had recently had some kids pass away and so we got to testify about eternal families and how she can see her children again.  It was so amazing.  She accepted a return visit, so that was a new investigator for the Joseph City Sisters!!! That's kinda hard to come by in a small LDS community like Joseph City.  Man, service.  It brings miracles.

We also got to serve our stake president's wife by picking apples and peeling them, and cutting them, and bagging them, and freezing them.  It was quite the process.  They're gonna have some incredible apple pies come thanksgiving time.

We taught Primary again!  Whew, that was an adventure and a half!!! Just... wow.   How thankful I am that I don't have that calling every week.  I don't even know the official outline of primary.  And I thought I was good with kids... then Sister Deschine came in and played the piano and taught all the kids perfectly... man... I have a lot to work up to.

Funny story - Bishop texted us Saturday night telling us he had a few big sandwiches for us missionaries.  We weren't at our place, so the Elders grabbed them.  The next day at church, Bishop asks us how we liked the sandwiches and we told him we never got them.  He was shocked.  We told him that we'd talk to the Elders about it.  Later on after church, Bishop requests to talk to us.  We go into the room and there's the Elders and Bishop.  Bishop looks at us, straight face, and says "We were talking about the sandwiches."  Sister Ledford doesn't understand jokes, so she thought he was totally serious.  It was hilarious.  It went on for a minute longer, then we laughed it off and started talking about the real deal.

This morning we went to the temple.  WHOA!  It was such a spiritual amazing experience.  I walked in and just wanted to cry because it felt so good.  We had a major hiccup in the road though in the morning. We had to leave at 5:30 AM to get to Snowflake Temple on time, and we had arranged for a member to drive us.  Well, 4:15 AM comes around, and we get a call from our member... she's sick.  ***aggggggghhhhh!!!!!!!***  We got the Elders to come and give her a blessing, but then she still wasn't comfortable with giving us a ride... so we were at a loss as to what we'd do.  Well, our stake president happened to have 2 extra seats with the Elders, so we hitched a ride and got there safe and sound!  Miracle.  Then President Brown treated all 6 missionaries to a massive lunch after the temple.  That man is a saint.

Well, that's about it.  Kinda sorta.  At least for now.  I love you all!!!!!

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