Monday, July 4, 2016

Week in Review‏

Hey Family and Friends!

This week... so good.  We started at MLC and I got to travel down with Sister Monson while Sisters Brown and Millard stayed and worked in Gallup for Monday and Tuesday.  MLC was so good!  I really enjoyed how we accomplished a lot of things and it didn't feel like a meeting that went on and on for no reason.  That doesn't happen often, but every now and then... but usually it's a really good meeting.

Sister Chee went out with the missionaries this past week!!!! SO GOOD! She loved it :) and now the baptized Chee's are scheduling a time to be interviewed for their limited use recommends! YAY! 

We visited some widows this past week.  Our Bishop has asked us to visit the widows weekly.  We visited a cute 99 year old lady named Iva Olive.  She is DARLING!  We pulled out a scrapbook and she was telling us all about the pictures.  The book we had pulled out had pictures from Finland, so I definitely was reminded of Sisar Val Cardon.  Miss her so much!  Sister Olive told us she would teach us how to crochet!  Super excited :)

Antonio passed his interview for baptism!!! So he's getting baptized tomorrow at 6:30! YAY!!!!!!!! We're helping his mother make a cake for it tonight.  Should be good!  It sounds like there's gonna be quite the crowd!  The whole fire department is gonna be there!  Antonio's family volunteers there all the time.  We're looking forward to this whole thing :)

We visited another widow named Sister Spirose.  She's a sweetheart.  We got to play Jenga with her :)

Awkward experience - we were making phone calls this week in an attempt to reach out to different ward members and one of the phone calls went like this 
"Hi!  Is this Micha?"
"Oh, well we're trying to contact some people from our church.  Are you a member of the LDS church?"
"Yes, I am."
"Oh, really??"
"Yes, this is Brother Boggs"
...awkward conversation continues...This member is one that we just barely started connecting with and taking out with us.  Apparently the number we had was to his mother - in - law's house, and Micha is his Sister - in - law that lives elsewhere.  We laughed about the experience when we saw each other on Sunday.

Sad news - the Lucio family is moving!!! :(  This is a family we've just started to take out with us all the time.  And the son Kiona is preparing to go on a mission July 27th (Paul!  Look for an Elder Lucio when you get to the MTC!  This family is seriously my favorite. He's going to the Washington, Somewhere mission.)  But the Lucio's are moving to Gilbert, Arizona, so the Zuniga's can be on the lookout for them!  And then I can visit them once I'm off the mission and see both family and friends!  Such a win - win situation :)

Another sad moment - Arianna didn't come to church yesterday!!! :( She's in her two week NEED to come time period... so we're probably gonna have to push her date back a week or so :(  No bueno. 

BUT!  MIRACLE happened at church yesterday!!!!   We sad by Deb in Sacrament meeting and she leaned over during the sacrament and asked me what baptism entailed.  So I pulled out my scriptures to show her the covenants she'd be making, then she's like "no, I know that part.  I'm asking where is it held, what do I wear, and when it happens"  .... oh my gosh, I DIED in that moment!!!! Deb is gaining such a strong testimony!!!!! She even asked Brother Mortensen to baptize her on our way out of the chapel!!!! AH!!!!!!! 

That was pretty much the biggest highlight of the week.  Heavenly Father is definitely working on Deb slowly but surely.  Love it.  She is just golden beyond belief.  

Everyone else is doing well.  We're still just saying a TON of prayers for our 5 investigators we think could be baptized this month.  It's going to be incredible.


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