Monday, July 18, 2016

Goodbyes are rough

Well, transfer calls came in and I'm sadly leaving Gallup.  But, it's okay because I'm only transferring over to St. Michael's which is miraculously the closest Sister area outside of Gallup being only 30 minutes away.  The next closest Sisters are about 2 hours away.  SO, I might be able to come back for the Chee's baptism!!!!! I'm really really really hoping that's the case.


P.O BOX 203
St Michaels AZ, 86511

 So send lots of mail there :)

It's also exciting going back to the Rez.  I was thinking about it, and I'm pretty sure that there hasn't been a Sister that's served on the Rez twice in their mission, so I'm excited to be the first!  And I'm excited to be fully surrounded by brown people once again.  I love Natives with all my heart.

Goodbyes in Gallup were awful though.  We went over to our 99 year old widows... they just broke my heart.  First Sister Olive, who taught us how to crochet, and while I was saying the prayer I couldn't even get through it because I was crying.  Then Mary... aw, sweet Mary!  She gave us some of her handmade cards.  Bah, I died.  She's just the cutest lady ever.  Then the Chee's... man... tears in sacrament meeting!  Kim was darling, she was saying how much she was gonna miss me and how much she had learned from me.  Which surprised me because she was always really quiet whenever I was around, no matter how hard I tried to get her out of her shell.  So that was precious.  Then we went over to Deb's for dinner... wasn't too bad, but mostly because we're seeing her again tonight for dessert.  I love these people SO MUCH!  I wanted 6 more weeks in Gallup, that was it, but it's okay.  I'll survive.  I know that going to St. Michaels is what needs to be done at this time.

It's just hard, cause things were just starting to really move forward.  Sister Brown and I even made Thank You cookies!  We made a batch of Grandma Cardon's chocolate chippers and delivered those with thank you notes to members that come out with us consistently.  It was really neat, and I loved showing our appreciation that way.

And Sister Brown and I had just started an intense game of mission scrabble.  It was on going for days, and we had to use only mission related words.  We didn't get too far into it, cause we could only put down words during lunch or free time or whatever, but it was getting good.  Oh well, maybe Sister Hillam will continue in my place.

We had 6 new investigators this week! MIRACLE!  It just happened.  The missionary work here in Gallup is REALLY moving forward.

The coolest experience with the new investigators was at church yesterday.  We were just minding our own business, then one of the young women comes up to us and says that her friend has questions.  So, instead of going to gospel principles we had a member present lesson in a random classroom and pretty much explained the Book of Mormon and Restoration.  It was the coolest thing of my life.

In other news, I finished Personal Progress!!! :D  Got my medallion at church yesterday right before they made me give a departing testimony.  I was supposed to have an interview with the Bishop before getting it and the interview went like this 
"Did you finish?" 
"okay then"

I might have added the  "okay then."  It might have been a two sentence interview on our way out the door from ward council.

And finally, packing is the pits.  I hate it.  I hope St. Michael's is my last area so I don't have to worry about another transfer again.  

I love you all so much!  And I hope you're doing well!!!

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