Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hello! Sorry I'm late

Hey there!  

Kay, so biggest miracle of the week - FRANK AND KIM ARE GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!!! The entire Chee family will be members on July 30th and we are just dying from excitement.  It was such a powerfully spiritual lesson when they told us they made the decision to be baptized.  Ah, we were bouncing off the walls.

Antonio was baptized!  And a few days after the baptism I realized that I failed to take any pictures of the day!  We bolted out of there after the baptism to get to another lesson... Thankfully, Sister Wadlington took some pictures and sent them to Mother's phone.  Hopefully those pictures have made it to the mission blog.  But the baptism was amazing.  Sister Brown and I sang a musical number of Be Still My Soul.  It went well for only putting it together 24 hours before the baptism.  Never again will we do that.

Sister Brown and I adventured quite a bit this week.  We checked out El Rancho, a famous hotel that's in Gallup and it's SO COOL!  They've got signed pictures from movie stars all over the place and it's the greatest.  They had a picture of Lucille Ball and it instantly made me happy :)  This is partially why I'm so late in emailing today... we checked it out a second time this morning and went tourist shopping.  But, we made sure to not look like tourists, so we could stay true to the missionary standards ;)

We've been working on getting different members out with us this past month and we are **loving** it!!! I love building trust with members!  It seriously makes missionary work SO much better!

Our role play in Zone Conference went well.  I thought it was kinda boring, but everyone else liked it.  I just wasn't the biggest fan of the subject... but it worked out.

We learned how to crochet!!!! I now have a new addiction. And I'm determined to finish a blanket by the time I go home.  It's so relaxing.  Seriously, biggest stress reliever of my life.  Haha, I felt like SUCH an old lady one morning though... I was sitting on the couch crocheting and listening to classical piano music.  Wow, I can just see my future now. #LookingForwardToBeing99

We also visited another widow, Sister Mortensen.  She's our Bishop's mother.  She's super sweet :)  We got to look though some scrapbooks with her and she told us all about the east coast.

Marie, Arianna's grandma, had a stroke.  So, that's why they missed church.  We dropped in and saw her and helped her find two priesthood holders that could give her a blessing.  We'll hopefully be checking up on her tomorrow and we'll see how she's doing.

We did SO much finding this week!  And we didn't see a ton of fruits from our labors in our numbers, but we're still trying.  We're still gonna be out doing our best.  Hopefully we'll find a new investigator family soon, cause all our investigators are getting baptized and we're running out of investigators.  That's a really good problem, but still a problem.  

And, that's about it!  Our week has been a good one.  We find out about transfers on Friday or Saturday.  Hopefully Saturday, cause that'll most likely mean that Sister Brown and I are staying together.  I'm not done with Gallup just yet, and neither is Sister Brown, so we are just praying for the best!  I'd be so sad if I were transferred and missed Frank, Kim, Arianna, and Deb's baptisms.... That would be heartbreaking.  Hopefully I'll stick around!

I love you all!!!

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