Monday, April 18, 2016

Where has time gone???

Oh my word, this transfer has flown by so far!!  Thank goodness it's a 7 week transfer, so I have at least one more week here in Gallup with Sister Flake.  

Things that have happened lately....

WE FINISHED EXCHANGES FOR THE TRANSFER!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!! We now have one normal week of missionary work and then we start the madness all over again.  Through exchanges, I've learned that I really need a gps.  Cause I get lost a LOT.  Like, it's ridiculous how often I get lost.  I miss my smart phone for that reason.  And the Gospel Library App... but we won't go into that.  I managed to miss the exit for our meeting place this past week.  We made it 3/4 of the way to Joseph City instead of 1/2 way like planned.  Thank goodness Sister Flake and Knapp saw us passing them on the other side of the interstate!  They called us immediately and we turned around at the next exit.  Exchange life... it's an adventure every week.

Exchange Miracle though - We put two people on date for baptism!!!! YAY!  They're working towards June 25th now.  Super exciting :)  Shirley is on top of everything like none other.  We described the Joseph Smith experience to her and she instantly felt the Spirit and knew that it was true.  SO GOOD!  I love missionary life for moments like these.

I got to cut hair again!  Sister Knapp and a less active.  Twas good :)  I'm cutting another missionary's hair today as well.  Gotta love having those skills!

Sister Flake was sick with migraines/throwing up all day on Friday.  So that translated into me making the house absolutely spotless (seriously, I deep cleaned the place), getting through a TON of Personal Progress Value Experiences (at this point I only have to do one V.E. every week for the next 35 weeks of my mission and then one project a month then I'll have completed Personal Progress by the time I go home!!!! I hope I'll finish sooner, but we'll see), I read a bunch of conference talks, and listened to my entire collection of music... again.   I really need new stuff.  But when all was said and done, we're both SO thankful for Priesthood blessings!!! Sister Flake was basically living at the foot of the toilet from 1:00-7:00 and then right after her Priesthood blessing she was able to sleep and relax.  It was a miracle, and I know that God is definitely taking care of us.

Also, I got the best package of my life from Grandma and Grandpa Huber this past week!  They sent me some of Grandpa's granola!!!!! Oh, I about died.  It's seriously a treasure now.

And I successfully made a poached egg!  I was super proud of myself. PLUS!   I have a new super healthy recipe book from a former investigator we randomly had a lesson with this past week!  I'm so dang excited for it.  We've had a transfer of making desserts, this coming transfer will probably switch over to trying out healthy things.

Funny story - Remember the Pumpkin Buttercake stuff that I obsess over?  We gave some to our Zone Leaders and it is now called Pumpkin Crack.  See, I'm not the only one that thinks it's divine.  

And ... yep! That's about the highlights of the week!  Things are going wonderfully.  Mission life is the greatest :)

I love you all!!!

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