Monday, April 11, 2016

Another busy week has come and gone...

Hello, hello!
So, this week has been pretty great.  We were pretty busy with various things like exchanges, teaching, and listening to church leaders.  It was fantastic :)
Beginning of the week - We started with exchanges with Farmington Sisters.  That translated into a LOT of driving.  Holy Hannah.... we were in the car for forever and a day this week.  But it was good times in the car!  I managed to write some letters, and we listened to the Priesthood session of conference that happened last weekend.  It was SO GOOD!!!!! oh my word, **why** can't Sister Missionaries listen to the Priesthood session as it is going on live?? Cause that was amazing.
During the exchange I also managed to bang up my knee pretty badly.  I missed a 2 inch step and completely biffed it.  It's now pretty bruised and scabbed over.  Kneeling down for prayers .... yeah, that didn't happen for a while.  I felt weird sitting, but kneeling hurt a bit too much.  But I'm mostly back to normal now! :D
We got Vanilla Moose this week.  That's always a highlight :)  AND we got Costa Vida!!!! Still obsessed with those two places :)  This past week maybe wasn't my best in the healthy eating department... Cause we totally got Panda Express as well after a long drive... and a DQ blizzard.... yeah..... tis a good life
We had the privilege of listening to Elder Corbridge of the 70 this past week!!! That was awesome.  It required a drive to Farmington and then a drive to Chinle the next day, but it was worth it :)  We definitely learned LOTS :)  And we're trying to implement the things we learned into our missionary work.  Like explaining the "why" of the gospel whenever we teach.
Then this past Saturday and Sunday we went to Stake Conference. That was amazing.  We learned a lot about families and how to strengthen them and faith and stuff.  It was so good.
I now have bangs!  It's super exciting!  And I'm loving them so far :)  I also cut Sister Flake's hair, but it was simply a trim so it wasn't a huge change or anything like that.  Man, I love cutting hair.
I also rededicated myself to Personal Progress.  I have a plan for how I'm going to finish by the end of my mission and it's going to be wonderful. 
And yeah... that's about our week!  I hope all of you are enjoying life and staying strong!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Love always,

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