Monday, April 25, 2016

Let's Begin!

Alrighty, so the biggest news - I'm training again!!!! I'll be here in Gallup and will pick up the new missionary tomorrow morning.  So, address is still the same at 
447 Dee Ann Ave 
Gallup, NM 87301

I'm excited and super nervous to train again.  The previous times I've trained I've known the area like the back of my hand and went on just a few exchanges with Sisters that were close by.  Now I'm in a new area, and go on 4 exchanges a transfer and those exchanges include 4 hours in the car almost every day.  It's rough... so we'll see how this goes!

This past week we gave a LOT of service.  We went to the food pantry tuesday and wednesday, and then I helped a school teacher color a game she's making for her students, then we helped clean and organize a house, then we helped someone move in.  It was pretty great :)

Other super funny thing - our investigators didn't all come to church last week.  Only the parents did.  Then when we had our lesson with them on Wednesday we found out that everyone had their phones taken away because of it.  Even the 6-year-old lost privileges.  These people aren't even members and they're disciplining their kids for not going to church.  It was the greatest thing ever.

Aaaannnddd... yeah, just had a scary experience with a guy here at the library.  I was writing out emails and stuff and he turned my chair around and started talking with me and telling me to email his daughter... Then he started bashing on priests because I said I could only email so many people through this account.  .... It was a little sketch.  Thankfully, a security guard was nearby and helped out a little.

Kay, I'm gonna keep this email short and sweet.  Cause I can't think right now with the stresses of transfers and stuff.  

I love you all!!! SO MUCH!

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