Monday, April 4, 2016

Hello, Hello!!

Helloooooo Family and Friends!
This week has felt like 20 weeks in one.  There was SOOOO much that happened!

Let's start with the beginning...

Monday found us in St Michael's practicing a musical number we were performing for Zone Conference that Wednesday.  Miraculously, everything pulled together with a practice and a half.  The song went well, the different parts were heard, and the piano worked out.  Life was good :)  There were quite a few people that said that Come Thou Fount was their favorite song and they highly enjoyed the musical number.  Accomplishment: We even got Sister Flake to join in the song.  Twas good :)

Monday - Tuesday was exchanges with Sister Hillam.  She's amazing.  Such a sweetheart.

Wednesday found us at Zone Conference.  Monday - Wednesday morning we **slaved** over our truck, trying to make it spotless for vehicle inspections at Zone Conference.  It was spotless beyond belief.  Then, we realized that we overlooked the tire pressure... so we didn't win.  I'm not bitter.... maybe.... I just really want to win... :P

We sang God Be With You Til We Meet Again to Elder and Sister Jensen.  Saddest moment of my life!!!!! Oh my gosh, I love those two with all my heart and soul!!!! I was asked to conduct the song, and I had tears going down my face the entire time.  Man... it's a good thing they live in Utah, so I'll see them again.

Wednesday - Thursday was exchanges with Sister Westover.  She's amazing as well.  

Friday... we did a service project!  We helped repaint some of the local park!  It was super fun :)

Saturday was General Conference!!!!!! Oh my goodness, it's better than Christmas!  I loved the messages that were given!  It would take me hours to give you my notes for everything, so just know that it was incredible and if you haven't watched it yet, you NEED TO!  Such a spiritual uplift.

Sunday was Conference once again.  Still just adored it.

And then we're to today!  We went on a hike in the morning, hence why I'm emailing a lot later than usual.  It was beautiful.  Though, I probably will be very burnt tomorrow.  Good thing I have aloe!  Thanks Sunplay Pool and Spas ;)  Adventure of the morning though, I didn't have shorts that I could do a group hike in, so Sister Flake and I hit up the local Good Will and bought two pairs of jeans for me.  We then proceeded to chop off the ends of one pair with little kids scissors found in the church library.  It was quite the event haha.  #missionmemories.  At least they're super comfy.

Aaaannndddd... that's about it.  Life is good.  I'm loving being a missionary.  And God is great.  

I love you all!!!!

Sweet potato pie.  It was DELICIOUS!

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