Monday, December 7, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like...‏

It's beginning to look a lot like not Christmas.  There still isn't snow.  But it's all good!  It's still cold, so no worries.  We're really getting into the Spirit of the holiday here ;)
This week has been so fantastic!  We went on the final exchange that will happen under my watch and it was SO NICE to know that it was done.  I love exchanges and all, but it's really nice being in my area now instead of YSA all the time.
We had stake conference, and it was fantastic!  You will never appreciate Sunday meetings as much as you appreciate them on your mission.  It's nice having someone else do the teaching and come up with the insights.  And you learn SO MUCH!  I loved it!
We also got to participate in a thing called Joy to the World this past week!  If you look up the facebook event Joy to the World - A Celebration of Christ you'll be able to see a picture of me!! Sister Nielsen and I were in charge of taking pictures of the event and it was so much fun!  But Elders were in charge of pictures the other nights, so if there's a bad picture don't blame us ;)
And we've been able to use the new Christmas Video- A Savior is Born this past week.  It's been amazing!!!!!! Everyone go to and enjoy those videos.  They are FANTASTIC!! I love the simple Christmas story being told by youth from around the world.
aaaannnddd... that's roughly it.  Sorry it's short!  My brain is going a million miles per hour as I'm trying to do everything today.  But know that I love you all and that I'll be sending Christmas cards soon!  It should be exciting :) 
We get transfer news this week, so if people are sending things they might want to send it quickly.  Cause I've got a feeling I'm not staying in Flora Vista much longer.  If you send it after next week, you might want to send it to 400 W Apache Farmington, NM 87401 just to be safe.  But you'll know if I have a new address or not for sure next email.

Also, a few have asked what's on a missionary christmas list.  Here's some ideas - 
Stamps, Costco Chocolate Covered caramel macadamia cluster things, gift cards to office max, staples, target, walmart or costa vida, Bath and Body Works Christmas lotions (like Vanilla Bean Noel), pictures of what you've been up to, church music or instrumental or whatever, and LETTERS!!! Simply hearing from people is the greatest gift ever.
I love you SO MUCH!!!!!
Becca :)

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