Monday, June 13, 2016

Orange Pie :)

Alrighty, so!  This week was a good one.  It started out with me doing a haircut for Lawrence (Deb's son) and it ended with me cutting Sister Brown's hair again just an hour ago!  I love doing hair :)  And I took awesome pictures of me actually looking good in my hair cutting apron... then I forgot my camera at home.  So, next week you'll get awesome pictures!  For now, it'll just be an email.

On Monday, I also caved and finally bought some turquoise jewelry. I now have sterling silver feather earrings and a turquoise heart **very simple** necklace.  They don't have a ton of turquoise on them, but just enough to make it look good :)  I'm not one for the giant jewelry.

Transfers happened!  And while Sister Brown and I didn't switch around at all, we still had a Sister come in for a few hours and be in a trio with us while she waited for the transfer van to take her to Farmington.  So that was exciting.  But not as exciting as our critter stories this week!  While we were in our trio we found an ugly cricket/beetle thing and put in under a jar cause we didn't want to kill it.  And then the critter broke off its own leg.  And then he (or she) ate their own leg.  It was *nasty!*  Oh, and then we found a spider in my bed last night... needless to say, I slept on the couch while Sister Brown brought her mattress out to the living room so we could still follow the rule of sleeping in the same room.  I think we killed the spider this morning... or at least I really really hope so.

Sister Chee taught a Primary class yesterday!!! AND Kobe now has the Aaronic Priesthood!!! So good!!!!!! Now we just need Frank and Kim to commit to baptism :)  Keep praying for them!  We're hoping in the month of June... Hopefully Heavenly Father will help us out once again.

Our 11 year old investigator Arianna did the additional study questions in the back of the pamphlets we gave her!  NO ONE ever does those!!!!!!! We were shocked beyond belief.  She's also come to church the past two weeks, so she's well on her way to her baptism date of July 16th!  That's the last Saturday of the transfer, so even if I leave I'll at least see her be baptized! :D

Our new investigator Nichole is STELLAR!  Oh my goodness.  Her faith is amazing.  Her boyfriend isn't has positive about things, but she knows that if she's doing the right thing then Heavenly Father is going to help her out.  And that's so true!  The sad thing is, her boyfriend is holding her back to a point... ugh.  Not good.  Especially when the Elders had told us that the boyfriend was beyond golden.  ...He still has a long ways to go... But we're glad he is still progressing the way he is currently :)  We'll just keep sticking with him!

So, the title of this email "orange pie" comes from a funny experience we had this past week.  Two weeks ago, we had dinner with the Chee's and were talking about our favorite kinds of pie.  Brother Chee asked us if we had ever had Orange Pie and both Sister Brown and I were like "whaaaaaa??? That's a thing???" and then he laughed and said there was no such thing.  Well, they signed up to feed us lunch the next week and Sister Brown and I decided we would make an orange pie.  We were going to just change up a lemon meringue, but then we found an actual orange meringue recipe!  So we made it and gave it to the Chee's at lunch and Orange meringue is now Brother Chee's favorite kind of pie!  Hahaha, it was so good :)

We made a trip to Joseph City... That was fun.  It was a there and back trip in 4 hours.  It was way too much driving, but it was still good.  Now we have another long drive to make today as we head into Farmington for our first ever Sister Conference.  So excited!  I get to go visit a family in Aztec 1st tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D I'm stoked out of my mind.

Funny story of the week - Sister Brown and I forgot to buy toilet paper on Monday and it made our week interesting.  We had a little left for the week, but not a lot.  So you should have seen us trying to "conserve" on toilet paper.  It was quite hilarious actually.  And the good news is that we finished out the week with a tiny bit left!!! haHA! Victory at its best :)

Annnnnnddd... yep!  That's about it!

I love you all SO MUCH!

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