Monday, June 20, 2016

an hour later...

Literally just spent an hour sending off pictures this week.  I hope you enjoy them!!! 

Highlights, as seen in pictures, were the Sister Missionary Conference, and I got to do a FHE with Bishop Kelly's family from Aztec 1st ward!!!! That was a huge blessing.  I LOVE that family so much.  And that area.

We took a selfie with President Adams.

We cleaned a LOT.  One time was for a non member, which was cool.  She had scriptures playing to song.  It was interesting.  Then we cleaned for a widow less active.  

I cut hair a LOT this past week!  What a joy :D  I did the Chee girl's hair and then Deb's.

Sister Brown and I did an intense Zone Training.  We used an analogy of making snickerdoodles to show how we need to have daily contact with investigators.  We literally made snickerdoodles during our training.  It was the greatest.  Every time someone made daily contact, they got to put a cookie on the cookie sheet.  Then once they had a dozen, they evaluated with us, then the investigator was "baptized" (put in the oven) and still checked on to  make sure they made it to the temple.  It was really nifty how it all came together!  And delicious to boot! :D

We had a picnic with the Relief Society!  ... like, no one showed up, but we still had fun playing games with about 12 people! :D  

WE SAW BELINDA!!! #miracle.  She's doing well, we hope to have a lesson with her soon.

Faith and Kim LOVED girls camp!!!!!!! And now we have all the Young Women praying that Kim will have courage to go through with her interview and be baptized before August 5th, when the youth have their overnight temple trip.  So we're all praying so hard!!!!

Funny experience, the Chee girls were trying to remember how the Mormon Boy song went, and we were giving service to our less active person at the time.  Sis Brown was talking to the lady and I was messing with the girls, jogging their memory, and then I got scolded for not being serious during the cleaning by the lady we were cleaning for.  It wasn't funny in the moment, but now I can kinda laugh about it.  It was awkward.

Well.... I'm so out of time right now, but that's about it from me!  I love you all SO much and hope you enjoy the pictures I actually took this week!!!

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