Monday, June 6, 2016

How much can we cram into a week??

WOW!  This week has been so full of miracles!  Funny thing, we set our monthly goals last week, and have already achieved at least 1/3 of our monthly goals in one week... people that come to church, new investigators, new baptism dates... We underestimate ourselves I guess.  But I just really really hope that we continue to be blessed like this throughout the month.

Oh!  And Transfer News came!!!! 


Sister Brown and I are staying together!!!!! YAY!!!!! So the address is still 
447 Dee Ann Ave
Gallup, NM 87301
No excuses not to write :)

So, last week was Memorial Day... nothing too exciting.  We made hair bows while watching parts of Ogden High's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  My bow kinda failed, but that's okay.  I just won't wear it.  Sister Brown's bow looked amazing.

We had MLC on Tuesday.  Twas good, but nothing too exciting.  Missionaries can wear hats and sunglasses now!  That was a cool thing.  And we had a BBQ for lunch outside kinda like a picnic.  It was the best :)  Gotta love soaking in that Vitamin D!  ...I got a TON of it this week.  One of these days I will look like a Navajo! ;) Ya'ah-Te'hey!

I did my exchange after MLC with Sister Breakall.  It was good... we did normal missionary work... And did our exchange form outside!  That was nice :) #evenmoresunforSisterCardon!

We had FOUR new investigators this week!!!! And THREE of them are on date for baptism already!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!! Heavenly Father had definitely been helping us find the elect recently.  And we are just feeling so blessed.

We also had SIX investigators at Sacrament!  Our goal had been 3.  But, I guess we had forgotten about Fast Sunday miracles.  Arianna even came to church with her grandma!!! I was bouncing up and down in the pew when I saw them walk in.  I couldn't believe my eyes!

We helped an older lady install some AC units in her home this past week... That was exciting.  I'm now pro at putting an air conditioner in a window.  With Sister Brown, of course.

We had dinner with the Chee family this week!  We hadn't seen them for almost a week after their baptism and we were going through withdrawals at that point.  We came back together and it was SO nice.  ...It was weird going from seeing each other every day to not seeing each other for half a week.  But they're still doing incredible.  Sister Chee is going to be teaching a primary class this week!!!! She's gonna be a pro.  And then Faith and Kim are going to Girls Camp next week too!  Man, this family is amazing.

I managed to fall behind in my Book of Mormon reading this week... But no worries!  I woke up at an unreasonable hour today (4:00) to catch up!!  I'm still determined to finish at the month mark.  And I will keep going :)  Sister Brown is now reading the Book of Mormon in a transfer.  We're gonna know this book front and back!

Funny quote from the week - we were talking about Christlike attributes and somehow this came out - "Abuse!  I knew it was one of those attributes!  One of them started with an "O"!  -pause- ... wait...."  hahaha, said from the mouth of Sister Brown.  It was hilarious.  For the record, we know that abuse is not a Christlike attribute... I can't remember the conversation that was going on beforehand to give it better context.

And then finally, we're learning Martial Arts officially!!! We had our first training this morning and it was the coolest.  Better watch out... I'm deadly now.  I appropriately wore my dinosaur shirt that says "I am... Unstoppable!"  But, Brother Wadlington told us not to brag about our skills to others so they don't know that we can defend ourselves, so this is the only time I'll mention it. Just know that you should never sneak up on me anymore.

And yeah!  That's about our week.  We were blessed beyond belief.  And we are SO thankful for it!!

I love you all!!! And hope you're doing well!  

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