Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Week Dos in Gallup!‏

Life is so good.  Missionary work is awesome.  My companion is fantastic.  The members are amazing.  I'm just LOVING life as a servant of the Lord! :D

Quote of the Week  "My face looks fat!" - Sister Cardon.
We have been fed a LOT of Navajo Tacos this past week... and my not having a scale since transfers might be a bit of a problem.  Good thing we go back to Farmington tonight for MLC and I can swing by Flora Vista to grab a few forgotten items!  We also might have been eating a lot of ice cream... Stressful times call for such things.  We had a night this past week where we tried SOO many people!  And we were trying people for pretty much the entire day and absolutely no one was home, or if they were they were all sick.  It was a hard day, but we ended with some Frozen Yogurt so it ended on a kinda good note.  We have our sweets planned out for the week - Today we're getting Frozen Custard at Freddy's in Farmington and then tomorrow we get VANILLA MOOSE!!!!! So dang excited. :)  Then we'll lay off the sweets for a long while.  Well, until Sunday night when we try out our new recipe - cheesecake brownies.  It's gonna be great :)

Speaking of our goal of trying a new recipe every week, last night's creation went really well!!!! We made these hamburger things... they were pretty much hamburger/cheese stuffed homemade rolls.  It was SO good!!! We'll be finishing them off today before we make the loooonnnnnggg drive to Farmington.

Fun people that we teach - we're teaching a 99 - year - old lady named Mary!!! Oh my goodness gracious, she is the SWEETEST lady of my life! 99 And still going strong!!! Really though, she's the most sane 99 year old I've ever met.  She's doing better than a lot of other people in their 70's!  She loves learning about the "Norman's" and just brightens any day we get to meet her.  Oh, I love her so much!!!

Embarrassing moment this week - I was asked to give a training in District meeting today on the topic of extending bold and loving commitments and following up with those we teach.  I did the normal talking and stuff, and then took everyone to the gym to do a visual learning.  I had two Elders try to make a basket from across the gym.  Then when they both failed, I asked one Elder if he made it.  He obviously didn't, so I had him move forward a little to try from a closer place.  I ignored the other Elder.  And we did that a few times.  One Elder kept moving up, and then the other was consistently ignored.  But, funny thing, when all was said and done, the Elder that was ignored and had to keep shooting from the other end of the gym ended up making it while the one that kept moving forward didn't.  It wasn't what I planned on happening, but oh well.  Well, we had been shooting hoops for a little while when we suddenly were confronted by the Stake President (I had no idea it was the Stake President...) and he asked us to be quiet since they were doing a training in the chapel.  Oh my goodness, first impression the Stake President has of me is messing around in a gym.  And one of the Elder's shooting hoops was one of our Zone Leaders... oops.  So, that was exciting.  But you know, I've met the Stake President again since and he didn't say anything, so maybe I'm forgiven? 

Other funny happening - We asked our Zone Leaders if they had a hand mixer we could use for our recipes.  They said yes, then the next day they handed us a hand mixer with one beater.  Somehow they lost the other one.  But hey, it works at least!  It was nice to have as we made our hamburger things yesterday.

Fun fact - We give service at the food pantry every week.  We sort through things, bag food items, and clean.  It's a party and a half.  And cold.  At least I get to wear pants twice a week!  That makes for an exciting missionary life.  It feels weird wearing pants... #I'vebeenamissionaryfortoolong

And... yeah!  That's been our week pretty much!

I love you all!  I'll try to send some pictures!

Love always,
Becca :)

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