Monday, November 28, 2016


So... we didn't live in our home at all last week.  I told you before that we were supposed to move back into our place by Wednesday, but that definitely didn't happen.  We stayed in the hotel from Sunday-Wednesday morning, but then had to move out on Wednesday because it was just too expensive to stay.  The water was supposed to be fixed by then, but *still* has yet to be fixed.  We got a call from President Adams on Tuesday night saying that he thought it'd be best if we came into Farmington for a week while we figured out everything.  Well, Sister Ledford and I definitely didn't want to close our area for a week, so we tried our best to think of different solutions.  Thankfully, we knew a member in the Window Rock 1st ward that was willing to house us! So we stayed with the Rangers from Wednesday-Sunday morning.  Then we stayed in our place without water Sunday night and now we're to today!  So we've lived out of suitcases, and it's been an adventure.  Oh, and Sister Ledford washed her clothes by hand in the hotel bathtub.  That was exciting.

Thanksgiving was great.  We ended up having only 3 dinners instead of 4.  They were all delicious :)  And let it be known that I ate a full plate at all of them! :)  Miraculously.  They were all classic Thanksgiving meals with the addition of frybread :)  One dinner was with our potential investigator Gary - he was so sweet.  He wanted to make sure we felt like we were eating with family while we were at his house.  His daughter Kayla is incredible, and I really hope her family embraces the gospel.  Gary might need some more work.  But he'll come around!

We took care of some chickens, cats, and fish this past week for a member that went to Utah for the holidays!  I've never been so excited to collect eggs in my life!  It was like Christmas every day! :D  I don't know if I'd be up for having chickens myself... but it was exciting for the week :)

But aside from that... we had kinda a slow week.  Sister Ledford was sick all of Tuesday, then the holidays kinda made the rest of it rough.  But it's okay!  This week is already looking up :)

MIRACLE! Our returning less active had major fellowship this past week!  She was invited to two dinners, and then was talking with others at church on Sunday.  Such a major blessing. 

Well... That's about it from our week.  I'll hand write more as I think of it.  Love  you!

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