Monday, November 7, 2016


So, this week can be summarized by the word "heartbreak."  SO many things happened this week that just crushed my heart.

First off, we went to drop by Brother Hatathlie and we found him absolutely hammered.  (Drunk beyond belief.)  This was simply devastating for me.  First off, because he was coming back so strong!  He has a calling, he was sober and off coffee for the longest time and everything was going so well!  He was so happy!  And second because he's basically the only less active I've taught my entire mission that has returned to full activity while I've taught them.  So... it felt like a mission fail.  And I felt greatly responsible for his slipping up, because we weren't seeing him weekly anymore.  Ugh.  Mission life.  It breaks your heart.

Then we had a new investigator that told us her life story.  And wow!  She's been through the worst life has to offer.  But!  She accepted a baptism date for December 24th!  Yay!  We're excited for her to heal through Christ.

Then sadly Monica moved away.  She came by the church during sunday school class to say a final goodbye.  She needs to get out of the situation she's living in, so she took herself and the boys.  She moved to Mesa though!  So, Zunigas, if you meet a Monica give her a massive hug for me!!!! I told her about you :)

The picture I sent was of Monica, David, and Timothy.  Sweetest family ever.

And I'm so sorry, but that's about all I've got time for today.  I didn't really write out my weekly letter this week.... sorry!  But I love you all and hope all is well with you!!!! And also know that there were major miracles this week that countered all of the heartbreak.  Like Armondo and Camaria came to church this week!!!!! BLESSING!!!!

I love you all!

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